Vivek Nallur (nvivek) wrote,
Vivek Nallur

Dear Mr. Bukhari of Jama Masjid, Delhi

Dear Mr. Bukhari,

When your neighbour's kid has an accident in front of your eyes, you either help or you don't. When the blind man next to you on the bus totters, you either help or you don't. You help because you feel a part of a community; if you don't you're detached from it. Either way, it's your conscience, nobody else's.

Our society's foundations are rotten and there's a clamour to fix it before it collapses into anarchy. In typical Indian style, for every two persons, there's three ideas and four opinions. There's a lot of shouting, attention seeking, and multiple people trying to fix things in the way they see fit. It's haphazard and chaotic. None of us knows for certain whether anything substantial will change, but we'd still rather clamour and shout than be silent. For to be silent, is to acquiesce.

If any part of you has chafed at having to lie for a gas connection; if a little part of you died when you got your driver's license without really taking a test, then this is your fight too. Join in, if you feel like it; reflect and withdraw if you don't. But for heavens' sake, don't wait for a stamped invitation letter.
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